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About This Course

The most essential Thai phrases for a comfortable and enjoyable trip! "Essential Thai Phrases For Travelers" online videos and audios are designed as an easy to use, fun and interactive introduction to the Thai language. It's ideal for people wanting to travel or live in Thailand. There are various topics of videos, eBook, and downloadable learning material that help you learn Thai from absolute beginner to advanced levels.

  • Be able to find comfortable ways to say the most essential Thai phrases for your comfortable and enjoyable trip.

  • Develop 5 tones in Thai and pronunciation by listening and repeating.

  • Be able to communicate with local Thai people.

Target Level

  • Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

    Students who are interested in Thai language and culture in general

  • Who this course is for:

    From absolute beginners both who cannot and can read Thai alphabets to upper beginners who will have a trip in Thailand soon

Essentials Thai Phrases for Beginners

Learn Thai from Scratch

    1. Survival Thai Phrase 1

    2. Survival Thai Phrase 2

    3. Multiple Ways to Say “Hello” in Thai

    4. Small Talk

    5. How...?

    6. Top 10 Must-Know Thai Phrases for Tourists (You need to know!)

    1. How to Say "Like"

    2. Expressing Your Feelings in Thai

    1. 5 Things to Know about Ordering Food in a Thai Restaurant

    2. Ordering Food and Asking for a Bill

    3. Ordering Coffee

    4. 10 Thai Words for Ordering “Thai Tea” (Recommended Thai Tea Shop!)

    1. Taking Taxi

    2. Common Vehicles in Bangkok

    3. 20 Thai Words You Should Know Before Taking Bangkok BTS and MRT (Learn Thai + Tips)

    4. BTS and MRT Station Names

    5. 20 Must-Know Thai Words and Phrases at the Airport (for Travelers)

About this course

  • $19.99
  • 44 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Meet Our Students


"Thai is very interesting language."

by Bridget T (United States)

This course is great for learning or reviewing basic Thai language that will really help improve your Thai comprehension. Recently I moved to Bangkok and learning Thai language is always in my mind. I want to give many thanks to Byu as she helps me to get friendship with Thai language.

"Enhance your Thai to the level that you feel comfortable in communicating in your travels."

by Yoshida M (Japan)

She teaching very well! Easy to understand, her accent is very clear to understand. It is a perfect class to take for who works full time and is busy.

"This course been milestone for my learning Thai language journey."

by Usman A (United Arab Emirates)

It was very helpful. I also appreciate the short videos that presented visuals and listen and repeat exercises. Great course for low beginners. It will be very good for my trip to Chiangmai. I am planning to purchase more courses soon.

"Fantastic learning tool!"

by Angela Chen (China)

Absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend it. Thank you so much for these simple to learn course!


Online Language Teacher Byu N.

Hello Everyone! My name is Byu! I have been teaching online since 2016. I am a language practitioner and a certified Thai language teacher from Bangkok, Thailand, with a passion for helping people achieve their language goals. With a background in linguistics and Thai language teaching methodologies, I have developed a range of effective learning materials and resources that have helped countless people to fluently speak and read Thai. My dedication is to create materials that are both accessible and enjoyable to use. Contact me! ▸ [email protected] Study with me 1-on-1 Live Lessons on Zoom or Skype. ▸